RAP is raising awareness due to recent happenings stemmed from Cyber bullying that has led to physical fighting in public places. Cyber bullying is reality for all ages from children in school to adults like a bad virus that has led to self harm, suicides and premature deaths.RAP must emphasise that collectively we can work together to resolve this serious problem in our communities and the  severity of cyber-bullying that occurs through email, text messaging, chats networks , Web site posts, or digital mail or mobile phones imagery sent, or personal digital assistant (PDA) with an unpredictability of power, hostility, depressing and harmful action .

Signs to look out for that people in care authority in school and home from child to teen, are encountering cyber bullying and abuse are:

  • When they are withdrawn, upset or outraged after using the internet or texting
  • They are cautious about who they’re talking to
  • They’re reserved about what they are doing online or on their mobile phone
  •  Divergence in phone numbers, texts or e-mail addresses on their mobile phone, laptop or tablet
  • spend lots of time or less time online, texting, gaming or using social media
  • Deleting accounts to escape bullies
  • Blocking people off their mobile or chat network
  • Having so many new contacts
  • Shiftiness in character
  • Feeling depressed
  • Low self esteem
  • Avoidance of your questions
  • Change in eating habit
  • Isolating themselves

  The danger of cyber-bullying is that you never know how far the bully can go and what resistant level do victims’ have to it. Cyber bully stems from

a)   Seeing you as a threat

b)   Self hate,

c)   Jealousy

Effects of Cyber Bullying

·         The Internet allows the defenceless individual to be bullied.

·         The internet allows  bullies to remain anonymous, to avoid recognition

·         Painful experience of Verbal abuse takes place in cyber space

·         Anonymous bully in the internet prolongs intimidation and victim to be bullied to depression.

·         Passive-aggressive behaviour can be conveyed online via social media

·         Identity theft is cyber bullying

·         Cyber bullying

1)       push victims to depression and other psychological problem

2)       Stems from insecurity of bullies make them pick on weaker individuals

3)       Affects victim self confidence

4)       Allows Bullies hide their identity by creating face book and other social media  under false name and only to later find out as the victim of cyber bully of fre-enemies –As  Carney Bonner  at 14years found out his bully was a friend

5)       Makes children to teen victims commit suicide

6)       Makes adult victims of bullies also find themselves motivated by attack in a way you never thought could be serious about their online war that lead to public fighting each other as disgraceful incident in Stratford on June 12 2018. Where a blogger[Esabod] and fans left Ireland to UK to finish off a cyber war with another blogger [Abike Jagaban] and fans

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When confronting bullies/Confronted by bullies,

·         Place yourself in a protective position always

·         Have witnesses and support

·         Keep records of inappropriate behaviour

·         Get counselling consultation

·         No need for physical fight or you get injury/killed

·         Involve legal representation there is cyber-law

·         Inform the Police

·         Never bring yourself to the level of bullies, or you will be on wrong side of the law.

·         Taking laws into your hands with violence makes you as guilty as the bully.

·         Remember your life is precious, never become a double victim by taking your life because of the bully, seek help and you will overcome the bully with the laws in place to protect you.



PROTECTION FROM HARASSMENT ACT 1997... it is a criminal offence for a person to pursue a course of conduct which amounts to the harassment of another, which the perpetrator knows or ought to know amounts to harassment. This could include sending a person multiple abusive emails with the intention of causing alarm or distress. A person found guilty of this offence could receive up to six months imprisonment, a financial penalty or both. Courts are given the power to grant restraining orders against those found guilty of an offence in order to protect the victim. Its Section 4 provides the potential for greater punishment to those found guilty of causing another person to fear, on at least two occasions, that violence will be used against them. A person found guilty of this offence could receive up to 5 years in prison, as well as a fine.

MALICIOUS COMMUNICATIONS ACT 1988, Section 1 states that it is an offence for any person to send a communication that is "indecent or grossly offensive" for the purpose of causing "distress or anxiety to the recipient". The Act also extends to threats and information which is false and known or believed to be false by the sender of the communication. A person found guilty of this offence is liable to receive a prison sentence of up to 6 months, a fine (currently of up to £5,000) or even both.

COMMUNICATIONS ACT 2003, Section 127 makes it a criminal offence to send via any electronic communication network a message or other matter that is deemed "grossly offences or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character". If found guilty of an offence under section 127 of the Communications Act 2003, a person can receive up to six months in prison, a fine or both.

OBSCENE PUBLICATIONS ACT 1959  makes it an offence to publish an obscene article. An obscene article is classed as one whose effect is to deprave and corrupt persons likely to read, see or hear the matter contained or embodied in the article. Publishing includes circulating, showing, playing or projecting the article or transmitting the data.

PUBLIC ORDER ACT 1986 Under section 5 it is an offence to use threatening, abusive or insulting words, behaviour, writing or any visual representations likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress within the hearing or sight of a person. With regards to cyber bullying, this offence could apply where the camera or video functionality now found on the vast majority of mobile phones is used as a way of causing such harassment, alarm or distress.

COMPUTER MISUSE ACT 1990 ..If in the course of cyber bullying a person hacks into the victim's online accounts or personal computer, they may be committing this offence.

Good morning Holy Spirit ! the Voice for God,

Good morning Holy Spirit ! the Voice for God,
A Person , co -eternal communion amongst the trinity
Personality with a mind that searches hearts,
And intercedes on my behalf
Personality with a will of Emotions that gives joy;
grieves when rebelled against,turns to an enemy for vindication.

Holy Spirit my Teacher, Comforter and helper,
My Strength and Encourager in journey of life.
Revealer of Truth - hidden and what's yet to come.
My Sanctifier, who Searches the Deep Things of God.
My Witness and Testifier as Testifier of Christ:

You can never be mocked ; Convicts of guilt and sin.
You Forbids unclean territories;exposes lies and deception.
You are resisted by uncircumcised hearts and ears,
When Blasphemed against can never be forgiven by God;
You can be Quenched by unrighteousness.

Holy Spirit, a reminder of God instilled within;the ever-present
Reminder to God's children of the Truth of Whom they are,
Reminder of God's Love ,speaker of Truth and sure restorer;
My Reality in every moment of validation to the hidden;
My constant proof of what I have always known .
My Resource, my Companion, and reassurance to still small voice.

Welcome to your indwelling place that makes me unique through you;
That makes me Untouchable; a terrorist to Satan & his kingdom,
And brings Fearful dread to Satan Co-Horts.
Reignite within me with unquenchable burning that brings supernatural ;
That leads me to a continuous victorious living in Christ Jesus.
In holy laughter I daily worship you and adore your presence;
Holy Spirit! I love you and love your unfathomable ways
Of this I testify indelibly forever and ever.

By Rev Sophy Wahab (c) 24/04/13