MENTAL: When you are afraid of sleeping or waking up in the morning through bullying and believing the bully’s fault – finding in you. Threats of your safety, insanity without him/her, denied, dislike, your capability as a mother and wife, scared to leave, depression, Indulgence in unhealthy habits and ungodly activities

Significant life events such as the death of a loved one, a divorce, a move to a new area, and even a break-up of relationship, disfellowshipped, stress, chronic illness can contribute to depression, as can the side effects of certain medicines or infections.

Diagnosing Depression

Depressed have described themselves as feeling hopeless about everything or feeling that nothing is worth the effort by

  • a feeling of being down in the dumps or really sad for no reason
  • a lack of energy, feeling unable to do the simplest task
  • an inability to enjoy the things that used to bring pleasure
  • a lack of desire to be with friends or family members
  • feelings of irritability, anger, or anxiety
  • an inability to concentrate
  • a marked weight gain or loss (or failure to gain weight as expected), and little or too much interest in eating
  • a significant change in sleep habits, such as trouble falling asleep or getting up
  • feelings of guilt or worthlessness
  • aches and pains even though nothing is physically wrong
  • a lack of caring about what happens in the future

frequent thoughts about death or suicide