What is Abuse

Abuse is when you are hurt Physically      Emotionally      Sexually     Mentally    Spiritually and especially by those you know well and trust. It can be by

Adult to Child – Child Abuse

Youth to youth  - Juvenile

Youth to Adult  - Vulnerable Adult Abuse / Parental Abuse

Youth to Child  - Juvenile and Child Abuse

Abuse is Neglect, the persistent lack of appropriate care of children, including love, stimulation, safety, nourishment, warmth, education and medical attention. It can have a serious effect on a child's physical, mental and emotional development

Physical Signs

  • Constant hunger and poor hygiene
  • Unattended physical problems (e.g. health problems)

Behavioural Signs:

  • Stealing food
  • Tired and has no energy
  • No delayed gratification (cannot wait for something - wants everything at once)
  • Falling asleep in the classroom
  • Constant early arrival and leaving late from school
  • Delinquency
  • Saying there is no-one to care for him/her

Abuse can also be self-inflicted by

·         Lack of self-discipline

·        Not taking to counsel

·         Indulgence in unhealthy habits, dangerous, ungodly and unlawful activities

·         Choice of association with People who influence you negatively 

·         Being in self-denial for help and blaming others for your actions and negative            outcome of wrong choices made.