The are a lot of people going through abuse, even in the body of Christ, and are ashamed, bitter or angry with their situation to talk about it or no one is ready to listen and help them. We all have gone through one form of abuse in life and it is best to deal with it & not be in denial as some people do until it becomes a life torment or too late. I have been there and God has a way of pulling you above situations & healing & restoring you beyond human understanding only if you believe in HIM and HIS word. If  l am free from abuse anyone can be free from abuse!  Believe me… I testify,when you are undergoing abuse,you never feel safe,live in fear with no form of stability.Through my years of abuse under a guardian, abusive marriage & friendships that became like a vicious cycle, I gave my whole life to God through His Son Jesus Christ ,seperated myself from the person/s in the process & God turned my pains to gain of life,my mess to a message of deliverance of another victim........ by RAP Founder

 Some clients Testimonials about our services at R.A.P:

Counselling service

  • Thank you for touching my life, I will never forget that.
  • I am grateful to God for using RAP to restore my life from depression and suicidal attempts
  • Your help to people and the effect through your counsel & advice makes a difference
  • Helped me talk through and deal with issues from childhood abuse
  • Counselling sessions had peace and clarity, regardless of my difference in faith
  • Helped me physically, emotionally, and most of all spiritually
  • Made me become enthusiastic about the future, without mental limitation
  • Sessions is simple and with openness to listen and helped me overcome fears
  • Helped me tremendously to get my breakthrough in life
  • Your integrity & professionalism got me right where others couldn’t in years
  • Name attracted me to the service, as many others who are looking for RESTORATION in many areas of life and your counselling led me there.

Charitable Activity

  • Found me a place to stay, made calls to help and give me hope and direction
  • Thank you for your help, l found hope and peace in my situation.
  • People like RAP who are willing to lay down their life to help people do not know that’s unconditional love.
  • Has given me and my family a fresh drive and purpose for life
  • We would like to encourage you that what you are doing is a very wonderful and a much needed work especially amongst the black led churches and the issue of spiritual abuse is a subject that needs to be highlighted and dealt with. We wish you the best in this excellent work which God has led you to start.
  • I thank God for every way RAP has benefited me and my family.


  • I have lost count of the number of times that I've gone on your web site and I hope I never stop. Today, I have just been overwhelmed with gratitude for all involved at RAP
  • Thank you everyone at RAP for your commitment, your sacrifice and for spreading the love of Jesus through your work and web site to the world across”
  • Always a blessing to hear from you through your website weekly journal - precious moment
  •  I find this website very educative and informative


  • I just wanted to say how much I loved your series programme on spiritual abuse in the church on Voice of Africa Radio.  I just hope and pray that your programme comes on again and forever because it was like a lifeline to me, as it restored my faith and hope
  • Massive thanks for the series on spiritual abuse in the church it’s amazing! It brought light to the lives of listeners. I’m really pleased that I found you when you were on air - I and my family listen to the series with great awareness and healing.
  • Thank you for touching a topic that no one touches but destroying lives in the world today, a friend alerted me to the series, l was perplexed that someone was bold to speak on spiritual abuse in the church- God bless your boldness Rev.Sophy!

Facebook Ministry

·         I came across your Face book Ministry at a time when I needed wisdom for

          Spiritual Growth

·         All your dissection of the word is always so powerful and uplifting.

·         Rev Sophy - Praise God for your wisdom! Thanks for sharing!

·         Thanks for posting this Rev Sophy! Just what I needed to read today! God bless you!

·         I am blessed to know your face book ministry and be a like friend to RAP

·         God bless you and  thanks for the words, one get's inspired for healing.

·         What an "out of the box" ministry. A peculiar one for that matter. I bless God for            your lives. Please keep up the good work. The Lord is your strength

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  1. Pray daily for us at R.A.P. and our vision to meet the need of those abused to restoration.
  2. Be committed to our vision to reach the public with our charitable service.
  3. Support us financially with a monthly pledge or donation (Phil.4:17).